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(2007) CYP1B1 mutation profile of Iranian primary congenital glaucoma patients and associated haplotypes. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. pp. 382-393. ISSN 1525-1578

(2007) Central obesity and coronary risk factors in referral outpatients to Zahedan Cardiology Clinic, Zahedan-Iran. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. p. 257. ISSN 0250-6807

(2007) Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever among health care workers in Iran: A seroprevalence study in two endemic regions. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. pp. 443-445. ISSN 0002-9637

(2007) Effects of vacuum-compression therapy on healing of diabetic foot ulcers: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. pp. 631-636. ISSN 0748-7711

(2007) Growth impairment in beta-thalassemia major: The role of trace element deficiency and other potential factors. Journal of Pediatric Hematology Oncology. pp. 5-8. ISSN 1077-4114

(2007) Hepatitis B and C virus infections an patients with hemophilia in Zahedan, southeast Iran. Saudi Medical Journal. pp. 1516-1519. ISSN 0379-5284

(2007) High rate of detection of mixed infections of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum in South-East of Iran, using nested PCR. Parasitology International. pp. 61-64. ISSN 1383-5769

(2007) Human leukocyte antigen profile of two ethnic groups in southeast of Iran. Iranian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. pp. 223-224. ISSN 1735-1502

(2007) Impaired activity of serum alpha-1-antitrypsin in diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. pp. 246-248. ISSN 0168-8227

(2007) Isolation and molecular characterization of Toxoplasma gondii strains from different hosts in Iran. Parasitology Research. pp. 111-115. ISSN 0932-0113

(2007) Lipid composition of spermatozoa in normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic males. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids. pp. 45-50. ISSN 0952-3278

(2007) Morphometric study of GnRH analog/HMG/HCG effects on ultrastructure of human endometrial epithelium in early and mid-luteal phase. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research. pp. 681-687. ISSN 1341-8076

(2007) Prevalence and causes of visual impairment and blindness in Sistan-va-Baluchestan Province, Iran: Zahedan Eye Study. British Journal of Ophthalmology. pp. 579-584. ISSN 0007-1161

(2007) Prophylaxis of acute posttraumatic bacterial endophthalmitis - A multicenter, randomized clinical trial of intraocular antibiotic injection, report 2. Archives of Ophthalmology. 460-E1. ISSN 0003-9950

(2007) Radioactivity monitoring in drinking water of Zahedan, Iran. Iranian Journal of Radiation Research. pp. 97-100. ISSN 1728-4554

(2007) Recurrent abdominal pain: An etiological study among in a referreal children's medical center in Iran. Iranian Journal of Pediatrics. pp. 235-240. ISSN 1018-4406

(2007) "Retrospective" or "Descriptive" study? Reply. Saudi Medical Journal. p. 483. ISSN 0379-5284

(2007) Risk factors for meconium aspiration in meconium stained amniotic fluid. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. pp. 577-579. ISSN 0144-3615

(2007) Spectrum of clinical infectious diseases in hospitalized elderly patients in the southeast of Iran. Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 213-217. ISSN 1300-0144

(2007) Study of the effect of renal transplantation on methacholine challenge test in patients with end-stage renal failure in Shahid Doctor Labafinejad Hospital in Tehran, Iran. Transplantation Proceedings. pp. 892-894. ISSN 0041-1345

(2007) Translation and validation study of the Iranian versions of the Neck Disability Index and the Neck Pain and Disability Scale. Spine. E825-E831. ISSN 0362-2436

(2007) Trypsin inhibitory capacity in vernal keratoconjunctivitis. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. pp. 264-269. ISSN 0146-0404

(2007) A decision tree-based approach for determining low bone mineral density in inflammatory bowel disease using WEKA software. European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. pp. 1075-1081. ISSN 0954-691X

(2007) The effect of hyaluronic acid on motility, vitality and fertilization capability of mouse sperms after cryopreservation. Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. pp. 45-50. ISSN 1680-6433

(2007) A new perspective on and re-assessment of SAG2 locus as the tool for genetic analysis of Toxoplasma gondii isolates. Parasitology Research. pp. 99-104. ISSN 0932-0113

(2007) The shape of the olfactory bulb influences axon targeting. Brain Research. pp. 17-23. ISSN 0006-8993

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