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(2020) Anatomical and Visual Effects of the MyoRing Implantation Measured by the ABCD Keratoconus Grading System. Eye Contact Lens. ISSN 1542-2321

(2020) Acid Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution by Using Neodymium(III) Oxide Nanoadsorbents. Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland). ISSN 2079-4991 (Print) 2079-4991 (Linking)

(2020) Agreement of wavefront-based refraction, dry and cycloplegic autorefraction with subjective refraction. Journal of optometry. ISSN 1989-1342 (Electronic) 1989-1342 (Linking)

(2020) Angiotensin-converting Enzyme 2 roles in the Pathogenesis of COVID-19. Current hypertension reviews. ISSN 1875-6506 (Electronic) 1573-4021 (Linking)

(2020) Antibiotic resistance patterns and prevalence of class I, II and III Integrons among clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae. Le infezioni in medicina. pp. 64-69. ISSN 1124-9390 (Print) 1124-9390 (Linking)

(2020) Application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) improves self-renewal of human spermatogonial stem cells in two-dimensional and three-dimensional culture systems. Acta histochemica. p. 151627. ISSN 1618-0372 (Electronic) 0065-1281 (Linking)

(2020) Association Study of MBL2 Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Tuberculosis in Southeast of Iran. Prague medical report. pp. 236-243. ISSN 1214-6994 (Print) 1214-6994 (Linking)

(2020) An Association Study of Polymorphisms in the H19 Imprinted Gene in an Iranian Population with the Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Biology of reproduction. ISSN 1529-7268 (Electronic) 0006-3363 (Linking)

(2020) Association between IL-27 Gene Polymorphisms and Cancer Susceptibility in Asian Population: A Meta-Analysis. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 2507-2515. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Association between Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy and Risk of Bone Fractures in Offspring: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Clinical and experimental pediatrics. ISSN 2713-4148 (Electronic) 2713-4148 (Linking)

(2020) Association of CASP8 polymorphisms and cancer susceptibility: A meta-analysis. European journal of pharmacology. p. 173201. ISSN 1879-0712 (Electronic) 0014-2999 (Linking)

(2020) Association of EGLN2 rs10680577 Polymorphism with the Risk and Clinicopathological Features of Patients with Prostate Cancer. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 1221-1226. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Association of Genetic Polymorphisms of GREM1 Gene with Susceptibility to Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip with or without Cleft Palate in an Iranian Population. Fetal and pediatric pathology. pp. 409-421. ISSN 1551-3823 (Electronic) 1551-3815 (Linking)

(2020) Association of TIMP-1 and COL4A4 Gene Polymorphisms with Keratoconus in an Iranian Population. Journal of ophthalmic & vision research. pp. 299-307. ISSN 2008-2010 (Print) 2008-322X (Linking)

(2020) Chronic Kidney Disease in Iran: First Report of the National Registry in Children and Adolescences. Urology journal. ISSN 1735-546X (Electronic) 1735-1308 (Linking)

(2020) Clinical Features Deserve Consideration for a Urologist in COVID-19. Urology journal. ISSN 1735-546X (Electronic) 1735-1308 (Linking)

(2020) Co-harboring of mcr-1 and beta-lactamase genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by high-resolution melting curve analysis (HRMA): Molecular typing of superbug strains in bloodstream infections (BSI). Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases. p. 104518. ISSN 1567-7257 (Electronic) 1567-1348 (Linking)

(2020) Combination Therapy and Opioids: Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Emotion Regulation Training in Reducing Current Drug Craving. Maedica. pp. 53-60. ISSN 1841-9038 (Print) 1841-9038 (Linking)

(2020) Comparative analysis of two different types of intracorneal implants in keratoconus: A corneal tomographic study. European journal of ophthalmology. p. 1120672120963449. ISSN 1724-6016 (Electronic) 1120-6721 (Linking)

(2020) Comparing the Effectiveness of Doing Intra-uterine Insemination 36 and 42 Hours After Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Injection on Pregnancy Rate: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Journal of family & reproductive health. pp. 173-179. ISSN 1735-8949 (Print) 1735-9392 (Linking)

(2020) Comparing the effect of "learning based on classic education" and "learning based on participatory education" on nursing students critical thinking: A case-control study. Journal of Education and Health Promotion. p. 47. ISSN 2277-9531 (Print) 2277-9531 (Linking)

(2020) Comparison of the efficacy of oxybutynin, phenazopyridine, celecoxib, and placebo in the treatment of urinary tract symptoms after BCG therapy in patients with bladder tumors. Urology journal. ISSN 1735-546X (Electronic) 1735-1308 (Linking)

(2020) Congenital Bleeding Disorders amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Open questions and recommendations. Acta bio-medica : Atenei Parmensis. e2020028. ISSN 2531-6745 (Electronic) 0392-4203 (Linking)

(2020) Construct and Discriminant Validity of the Persian Version of the Consensus Auditory Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V). Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation. ISSN 1873-4588 (Electronic) 0892-1997 (Linking)

(2020) Correction to: Effect of selenium supplementation on antioxidant markers: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Hormones (Athens, Greece). p. 451. ISSN 2520-8721 (Electronic) 1109-3099 (Linking)

(2020) Correction: Association of PDCD6 polymorphisms with the risk of cancer: Evidence from a meta-analysis. Oncotarget. p. 893. ISSN 1949-2553 (Electronic) 1949-2553 (Linking)

(2020) Country Quarantine During COVID-19: Critical or Not? Disaster medicine and public health preparedness. pp. 1-2. ISSN 1938-744X (Electronic) 1935-7893 (Linking)

(2020) Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric validation of the Persian version of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Barriers Scale (CRBS-P). BMJ open. e034552. ISSN 2044-6055 (Electronic) 2044-6055 (Linking)

(2020) Curcumin-loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles/nanofiber composites for supporting long-term proliferation and stemness preservation of adipose-derived stem cells. International journal of pharmaceutics. p. 119656. ISSN 1873-3476 (Electronic) 0378-5173 (Linking)

(2020) Deciphering the role of glutamate signaling in glioblastoma multiforme: current therapeutic modalities and future directions. Current pharmaceutical design. ISSN 1873-4286 (Electronic) 1381-6128 (Linking)

(2020) Determination of maternal risk factors of preterm delivery: adjusted for sparse data bias; results from a population-based case-control study in Iran. Obstetrics & gynecology science. pp. 117-125. ISSN 2287-8572 (Print) 2287-8572 (Linking)

(2020) Diagnosis of Candida albicans: conventional diagnostic methods compared to the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay. Archives of microbiology. pp. 275-282. ISSN 1432-072X (Electronic) 0302-8933 (Linking)

(2020) Distribution of invasive fungal infections: Molecular epidemiology, etiology, clinical conditions, diagnosis and risk factors: A 3-year experience with 490 patients under intensive care. Microbial pathogenesis. p. 104616. ISSN 1096-1208 (Electronic) 0882-4010 (Linking)

(2020) Duodenal angiosarcoma can be misdiagnosed as a Dieulafoy's lesion. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. pp. 268-271. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2020) Economic cost of diabetes in the Eastern Mediterranean region countries: A meta-analysis. Diabetes & metabolic syndrome. pp. 1101-1108. ISSN 1878-0334 (Electronic) 1871-4021 (Linking)

(2020) The Effect of CASP3 rs4647610 and rs4647602 Polymorphisms on Tumour Size and Cancer Stage in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. British journal of biomedical science. ISSN 0967-4845 (Print) 0967-4845 (Linking)

(2020) The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Training Versus Conventional Training on Self-care and Depression Severity in Heart Failure Patients with Depression: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Journal of caring sciences. pp. 203-211. ISSN 2251-9920 (Print) 2251-9920 (Linking)

(2020) The Effect of Motivational Interviewing on Self-Efficacy and Continuation of Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates: A Quasi-Experimental Study. Breastfeeding medicine : the official journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. ISSN 1556-8342 (Electronic) 1556-8253 (Linking)

(2020) Effect of Shared Decision-making on Anxiety of Women Recommended for Prenatal Screening Tests in Southeast of Iran. Journal of family & reproductive health. pp. 192-197. ISSN 1735-8949 (Print) 1735-9392 (Linking)

(2020) Effect of pre-cesarean foot reflexology massage on anxiety of primiparous women. Journal of complementary & integrative medicine. ISSN 1553-3840 (Electronic) 1553-3840 (Linking)

(2020) Effectiveness of school-based mental health programs on mental health among adolescents. Journal of education and health promotion. p. 142. ISSN 2277-9531 (Print) 2277-9531 (Linking)

(2020) Effects of High White and Brown Sugar Consumption on Serum Level of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Insulin Resistance, and Body Weight in Albino Rats. Journal of obesity & metabolic syndrome. ISSN 2508-7576 (Electronic) 2508-6235 (Linking)

(2020) Electronic health record-based disease surveillance systems: A systematic literature review on challenges and solutions. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA. ISSN 1527-974X (Electronic) 1067-5027 (Linking)

(2020) Elevated immunoexpression of interferon-gamma in placenta tissue samples from pregnancies complicated with preeclampsia compared to the placenta previa. Pregnancy hypertension. pp. 175-180. ISSN 2210-7797 (Electronic) 2210-7789 (Linking)

(2020) Environmental and ecological factors of stomach cancer incidence and mortality: a systematic review study on ecological studies. Reviews on environmental health. ISSN 2191-0308 (Electronic) 0048-7554 (Linking)

(2020) Environmental soil contamination by <i>Toxocara</i> species eggs in public places of Ilam, Iran. Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine : AAEM. pp. 15-18. ISSN 1898-2263 (Electronic) 1232-1966 (Linking)

(2020) Epidemiology and outcome analysis of 3030 burn patients with an ICD-10 approach. Annals of burns and fire disasters. pp. 3-13. ISSN 1592-9558 (Print) 1592-9558 (Linking)

(2020) Estimation of plastic waste inputs from land into the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman: An environmental disaster, scientific and social concerns. The Science of the total environment. p. 138942. ISSN 1879-1026 (Electronic) 0048-9697 (Linking)

(2020) Evaluating the Possible Association between PD-1 (Rs11568821, Rs2227981, Rs2227982) and PD-L1 (Rs4143815, Rs2890658) Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in a Sample of Southeast Iranian Women. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 3115-3123. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Evaluation of the heart and lung dosimetric parameters in deep inspiration breath hold using 3D Slicer. Radiation oncology journal. pp. 68-76. ISSN 2234-1900 (Print) 2234-1900 (Linking)

(2020) An Evidence-Based Research on Botanical Sources for Oral Mucositis Treatment in Traditional Persian Medicine. Current drug discovery technologies. ISSN 1875-6220 (Electronic) 1570-1638 (Linking)

(2020) Explaining the experience of prenatal care and investigating the association between psychological factors with self-care in pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed method study protocol. Reproductive health. p. 98. ISSN 1742-4755 (Electronic) 1742-4755 (Linking)

(2020) Expression of mast cell in aggressive periodontitis. Minerva stomatologica. ISSN 1827-174X (Electronic) 0026-4970 (Linking)

(2020) Fabrication of a Smartphone-Based Spectrophotometer and Its Application in Monitoring Concentrations of Organic Dyes. ACS omega. pp. 31450-31455. ISSN 2470-1343 (Electronic) 2470-1343 (Linking)

(2020) Factors associated with in-hospital death in patients with nosocomial infections: a registry-based study using community data in western Iran. Epidemiology and health. e2020037. ISSN 2092-7193 (Electronic) 2092-7193 (Linking)

(2020) Frequency and Correlation of Common Genes Copy Number Alterations in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Prognosis. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 3493-3500. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Genotyping of blood groups in alloimmunized patients with beta-thalassemia major by T-ARMS-PCR and multiplex-aso-pcr. Transfusion and apheresis science : official journal of the World Apheresis Association : official journal of the European Society for Haemapheresis. p. 102984. ISSN 1473-0502 (Print) 1473-0502 (Linking)

(2020) Global injury morbidity and mortality from 1990 to 2017: results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. Injury prevention : journal of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention. ISSN 1475-5785 (Electronic) 1353-8047 (Linking)

(2020) Gold nanoparticle-mediated bubbles in cancer nanotechnology. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society. pp. 49-60. ISSN 1873-4995 (Electronic) 0168-3659 (Linking)

(2020) Health-care access and utilization among individuals with low back pain in Iran: a WHO-ILAR COPCORD study. BMC health services research. p. 879. ISSN 1472-6963 (Electronic) 1472-6963 (Linking)

(2020) Hepatocyte paraffin 1 and arginase-1 are effective panel of markers in HBV-related HCC diagnosis in fine-needle aspiration specimens. BMC Research Notes. p. 388. ISSN 1756-0500 (Electronic) 1756-0500 (Linking)

(2020) High prevalence of blaCMY AmpC Beta-Lactamase in ESBL Co-Producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. Clinical Isolates in Northeast of Iran. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance. ISSN 2213-7173 (Electronic) 2213-7165 (Linking)

(2020) High prevalence of blaCMY AmpC beta-lactamase in ESBL co-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. clinical isolates in the northeast of Iran. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance. pp. 477-482. ISSN 2213-7173 (Electronic) 2213-7165 (Linking)

(2020) A Higher Dietary Inflammatory Index Score is Associated with a Higher Risk of Incidence and Mortality of Cancer: A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. International journal of preventive medicine. p. 15. ISSN 2008-7802 (Print) 2008-7802 (Linking)

(2020) Histological Evaluation of Human Pulp Response to Direct Pulp Capping with MTA, CEM Cement, and Biodentine. Journal of dentistry (Shiraz, Iran). pp. 177-183. ISSN 2345-6485 (Print) 2345-6418 (Linking)

(2020) Household financial contribution to the health system after Iran's Health Transformation Plan. Rural and remote health. p. 5495. ISSN 1445-6354 (Electronic) 1445-6354 (Linking)

(2020) Hypnotic activity of Capparis spinosa hydro-alcoholic extract in mice. Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture. ISSN 1876-1429 (Electronic) 1876-1429 (Linking)

(2020) Impact of Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma Gene Polymorphisms on Risk of Schizophrenia: A Case-Control Study and Computational Analyses. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry. pp. 286-296. ISSN 1735-4587 (Print) 1735-4587 (Linking)

(2020) Insights into Nano-Photo-Thermal Therapy of Cancer: The Kinetics of Cell Death and Effect on Cell Cycle. Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry. ISSN 1875-5992 (Electronic) 1871-5206 (Linking)

(2020) Interferon gamma gene polymorphisms and chronic hepatitis B infections in an Iranian population. The Turkish journal of gastroenterology : the official journal of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology. pp. 515-521. ISSN 2148-5607 (Electronic) 1300-4948 (Linking)

(2020) Investigating the mechanisms behind extensive death in human cancer cells following nanoparticle assisted photo-thermo-radiotherapy. Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy. p. 101600. ISSN 1873-1597 (Electronic) 1572-1000 (Linking)

(2020) Is meconium exposure associated with autism spectrum disorders in children? Clinical and experimental pediatrics. ISSN 2713-4148 (Electronic) 2713-4148 (Linking)

(2020) Knowledge and Attitude of Iranian Youth Toward AIDS: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis in Iran. Journal of medicine and life. pp. 119-124. ISSN 1844-3117 (Electronic) 1844-122X (Linking)

(2020) LMO1 polymorphisms and the risk of neuroblastoma: Assessment of meta-analysis of case-control studies. Journal of cellular and molecular medicine. pp. 1160-1168. ISSN 1582-4934 (Electronic) 1582-1838 (Linking)

(2020) Long non-coding RNA ANRIL polymorphisms in papillary thyroid cancer and its severity. British Journal of Biomedical Science. ISSN 0967-4845 (Print) 0967-4845 (Linking)

(2020) Machine learning as new promising technique for selection of significant features in obese women with type 2 diabetes. Hormone molecular biology and clinical investigation. ISSN 1868-1891 (Electronic) 1868-1883 (Linking)

(2020) Magneto-plasmonic nanoparticle mediated thermo-radiotherapy significantly affects the nonlinear optical properties of treated cancer cells. Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy. p. 101785. ISSN 1873-1597 (Electronic) 1572-1000 (Linking)

(2020) Masked comparison of two silicone hydrogel bandage contact lenses after photorefractive keratectomy. Contact lens & anterior eye : the journal of the British Contact Lens Association. ISSN 1476-5411 (Electronic) 1367-0484 (Linking)

(2020) Monogenic Primary Immunodeficiency Disorder Associated with Common Variable Immunodeficiency and Autoimmunity. International archives of allergy and immunology. pp. 706-714. ISSN 1423-0097 (Electronic) 1018-2438 (Linking)

(2020) Morphine consumption during pregnancy exacerbates neonatal hypoxia-ischemia injury in rats. International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience. ISSN 1873-474X (Electronic) 0736-5748 (Linking)

(2020) Natural products as promising targets in glioblastoma multiforme: a focus on NF-kappaB signaling pathway. Pharmacological reports : PR. pp. 285-295. ISSN 1734-1140 (Print) 1734-1140 (Linking)

(2020) Network-Based Analysis Reveals Association of FOXE1 Gene Polymorphisms in Thyroid Cancer Patients; A Case-Control Study in Southeast of Iran. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 2771-2776. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Nutritional adequacy in critically ill patients: Result of PNSI study. Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland). ISSN 1532-1983 (Electronic) 0261-5614 (Linking)

(2020) "Obscure" Appendiceal Orifice Polyps Can Be Challenging to Identify by Colonoscopy. Case reports in gastroenterology. pp. 15-26. ISSN 1662-0631 (Print) 1662-0631 (Linking)

(2020) Opium Use and the Risk of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. International journal of cancer. ISSN 1097-0215 (Electronic) 0020-7136 (Linking)

(2020) Outcomes of Cricothyroid Visor Maneuver (CVM) for Treatment of Vocal Polyp: A Case Report. Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation. ISSN 1873-4588 (Electronic) 0892-1997 (Linking)

(2020) Polystyrene Magnetic Nanocomposites as Antibiotic Adsorbents. Polymers. ISSN 2073-4360 (Electronic) 2073-4360 (Linking)

(2020) Predicting Lung Cancer Patients' Survival Time via Logistic Regression-based Models in a Quantitative Radiomic Framework. Journal of biomedical physics & engineering. pp. 479-492. ISSN 2251-7200 (Print) 2251-7200 (Linking)

(2020) The Prevalence and Trend of Metabolic Syndrome in the South-East of Iran. Journal of medicine and life. pp. 587-599. ISSN 1844-3117 (Electronic) 1844-122X (Linking)

(2020) The Prevalence of Absolute and Functional Iron Deficiency Anemia in New Cases of Smear-positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Their Sputum Conversion Rate at the End of Intensive Tuberculosis Treatment Phase. Prague medical report. pp. 35-41. ISSN 1214-6994 (Print) 1214-6994 (Linking)

(2020) Prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Middle-East: Systematic review& meta-analysis. Primary Care Diabetes. ISSN 1878-0210 (Electronic) 1878-0210 (Linking)

(2020) Prevalence, comorbidity and predictors of anxiety disorders among children and adolescents. Asian journal of psychiatry. p. 102059. ISSN 1876-2026 (Electronic) 1876-2018 (Linking)

(2020) Protective effect of Hydralazine on a cellular model of Parkinson's disease: a possible role of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1alpha. Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire. ISSN 1208-6002 (Electronic) 0829-8211 (Linking)

(2020) Protective role of natural products in glioblastoma multiforme: A focus on nitric oxide pathway. Current medicinal chemistry. ISSN 1875-533X (Electronic) 0929-8673 (Linking)

(2020) A Qualitative Study of the Health-Related Perceptions of Married Iranian Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence. Journal of forensic nursing. ISSN 1939-3938 (Electronic) 1556-3693 (Linking)

(2020) Quantitative Assessment of the Effects of IL-1ss -511 C>T Variant on Breast Cancer Risk: An Updated Meta-Analysis of 3331 Cases and 3609 Controls. Laboratory medicine. ISSN 1943-7730 (Electronic) 0007-5027 (Linking)

(2020) Radiation protection among health care workers: knowledge, attitude, practice, and clinical recommendations: a systematic review. Reviews on environmental health. ISSN 2191-0308 (Electronic) 0048-7554 (Linking)

(2020) A Randomized, Doubled-Blind Clinical Trial on the Effect of Zataria multiflora on Clinical Symptoms, Oxidative Stress, and C-Reactive Protein in COPD Patients. Journal of clinical pharmacology. ISSN 1552-4604 (Electronic) 0091-2700 (Linking)

(2020) Reasons for Increasing Daily Methadone Maintenance Dosage among Deceptive Patients: A Qualitative Study. Journal of medicine and life. pp. 572-579. ISSN 1844-3117 (Electronic) 1844-122X (Linking)

(2020) Reconstruction of mandibular defects using synthetic octacalcium phosphate combined with bone matrix gelatin in rat model. Dental research journal. pp. 10-18. ISSN 1735-3327 (Print) 1735-3327 (Linking)

(2020) Refractive characteristics of keratoconus eyes with corneal Vogt's striae: A contralateral eye study. Journal of optometry. ISSN 1989-1342 (Electronic) 1989-1342 (Linking)

(2020) The Relationship between Pre-miR-3131 3-bp Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism and Susceptibility and Clinicopathological Characteristics of Patients with Breast Cancer. MicroRNA (Shariqah, United Arab Emirates). pp. 216-223. ISSN 2211-5374 (Electronic)

(2020) Relationship between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of GRHL3 and Schizophrenia Susceptibility: A Preliminary Case-Control Study and Bioinformatics Analysis. International journal of molecular and cellular medicine. pp. 154-164. ISSN 2251-9637 (Print) 2251-9637 (Linking)

(2020) Relationship between rs6715345 Polymorphisms of MIR-375 Gene and rs4939827 of SMAD-7 Gene in Women with Breast Cancer and Healthy Women: A Case-Control Study. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. pp. 2479-2484. ISSN 2476-762X (Electronic) 1513-7368 (Linking)

(2020) Relationship between using cell phone and the risk of accident with motor vehicles: An analytical cross-sectional study. Chinese journal of traumatology = Zhonghua chuang shang za zhi. ISSN 1008-1275 (Print) 1008-1275 (Linking)

(2020) SARS-CoV-2 antibody seroprevalence in the general population and high-risk occupational groups across 18 cities in Iran: a population-based cross-sectional study. The Lancet. Infectious diseases. ISSN 1474-4457 (Electronic) 1473-3099 (Linking)

(2020) Salivary Total Antioxidant and Lipid Peroxidation Levels in Passive Smoking and Nonsmoking Adolescents. Addiction & health. pp. 216-224. ISSN 2008-4633 (Print) 2008-4633 (Linking)

(2020) Salivary beta2-microglobulin levels in patients with erosive oral lichen planus and squamous cell carcinoma. BMC research notes. p. 294. ISSN 1756-0500 (Electronic) 1756-0500 (Linking)

(2020) Salivary levels of IgE and ECP in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry. e9-e12. ISSN 1989-5488 (Print) 1989-5488 (Linking)

(2020) Scheimpflug Corneal Densitometry Changes After the Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segment Implantation. Cornea. ISSN 1536-4798 (Electronic) 0277-3740 (Linking)

(2020) Structural insights for rational design of new PIM-1 kinase inhibitors based on 3,5-disubstituted indole derivatives: An integrative computational approach. Computers in biology and medicine. p. 103641. ISSN 1879-0534 (Electronic) 0010-4825 (Linking)

(2020) Toxoplasma gondii infection as a potential risk for chronic liver diseases: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Microbial pathogenesis. p. 104578. ISSN 1096-1208 (Electronic) 0882-4010 (Linking)

(2020) Treadmill exercise restores memory and hippocampal synaptic plasticity impairments in ovalbumin-sensitized juvenile rats: Involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Neurochemistry international. p. 104691. ISSN 1872-9754 (Electronic) 0197-0186 (Linking)

(2020) Triple combination of heat, drug and radiation using alginate hydrogel co-loaded with gold nanoparticles and cisplatin for locally synergistic cancer therapy. International journal of biological macromolecules. pp. 617-626. ISSN 1879-0003 (Electronic) 0141-8130 (Linking)

(2020) Two unusual sites of metastases of esophageal adenocarcinoma. Gastroenterology and hepatology from bed to bench. pp. 184-187. ISSN 2008-2258 (Print) 2008-2258 (Linking)

(2020) Upregulation of elafin expression in the fallopian tube of ectopic tubal pregnancies compared to the normal tubes. Journal of reproductive immunology. p. 103136. ISSN 1872-7603 (Electronic) 0165-0378 (Linking)

(2020) Ursodeoxycholic acid augmentation in treatment-refractory schizophrenia: a case report. Journal of medical case reports. p. 137. ISSN 1752-1947 (Electronic) 1752-1947 (Linking)

(2020) Vitamin B12 Deficiency and MS Incidence; Which One Sooner? International journal of preventive medicine. p. 145. ISSN 2008-7802 (Print) 2008-7802 (Linking)

(2020) Voice Changes During Pregnancy Trimesters in Iranian Pregnant Women. Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation. pp. 358-363. ISSN 1873-4588 (Electronic) 0892-1997 (Linking)

(2020) Zinc supplementation is associated with a reduction in serum markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Cytokine. p. 155396. ISSN 1096-0023 (Electronic) 1043-4666 (Linking)

(2020) The challenges ahead for patients with feeding and eating disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Eating Disorders. p. 43. ISSN 2050-2974 (Print) 2050-2974 (Linking)

(2020) A diagnostic profile on the PartoSure test. Expert review of molecular diagnostics. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1744-8352 (Electronic) 1473-7159 (Linking)

(2020) The effect of motivational interviewing on attitude and practice about type of delivery in primigravid women requesting elective cesarean section referring to comprehensive health services centers. Journal of Education and Health Promotion. p. 37. ISSN 2277-9531 (Print) 2277-9531 (Linking)

(2020) The effect of yoga on uterine artery Doppler indices, maternal and fetal complications in pregnant women: A quasi-experimental study. Journal of Ayurveda and integrative medicine. ISSN 0975-9476 (Print) 0975-9476 (Linking)

(2020) The effects of DICER1 and DROSHA polymorphisms on susceptibility to recurrent spontaneous abortion. Journal of clinical laboratory analysis. e23079. ISSN 1098-2825 (Electronic) 0887-8013 (Linking)

(2020) The effects of placental long noncoding RNA H19 polymorphisms and promoter methylation on H19 expression in association with preeclampsia susceptibility. IUBMB life. pp. 413-425. ISSN 1521-6551 (Electronic) 1521-6543 (Linking)

(2020) The emergence of the hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae (hvKp) strains among circulating clonal complex 147 (CC147) harbouring blaNDM/OXA-48 carbapenemases in a tertiary care center of Iran. Annals of clinical microbiology and antimicrobials. p. 12. ISSN 1476-0711 (Electronic) 1476-0711 (Linking)

(2020) The index case of COVID-19 in Northeastern Iran. Monaldi archives for chest disease = Archivio Monaldi per le malattie del torace. ISSN 1122-0643 (Print) 1122-0643 (Linking)

(2020) An investigation of the effects of environmental and ecologic factors on cutaneous leishmaniasis in the old world: a systematic review study. Reviews on environmental health. ISSN 2191-0308 (Electronic) 0048-7554 (Linking)

(2020) The mediating role of alexithymia in the association between attachment styles and borderline personality symptomatology. Health Psychology Research. p. 8894. ISSN 2420-8124 (Print) 2420-8124 (Linking)

(2020) The possible role of maternal and placental vitamin D receptor polymorphisms and haplotypes in pathogenesis of preeclampsia. Clinical and experimental hypertension (New York, N.Y. : 1993). pp. 171-176. ISSN 1525-6006 (Electronic) 1064-1963 (Linking)

(2020) The relationship between neuroticism and suicidal thoughts among medical students: Moderating role of attachment styles. Journal of family medicine and primary care. pp. 2680-2687. ISSN 2249-4863 (Print) 2249-4863 (Linking)

(2020) The therapeutic potential of targeting CD73 and CD73-derived adenosine in melanoma. Biochimie. ISSN 1638-6183 (Electronic) 0300-9084 (Linking)

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